Wheel Balancing vs. Wheeling Alignment

mechanic performs wheel alignment

The wheels on your Hyundai vehicle are your connection to Asheville roads. Since they’re an investment in your safety and the performance of your vehicle, it’s important to have them serviced regularly. They will not only improve their lifespan but they will also improve your traction on Black Mountain roads. Two routine tire services are wheel alignment and wheel balancing, and while they may sound similar, they are actually not the same service. Learn more about wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment with Hyundai of Asheville below. Then, contact our service center to arrange a time to have your tires inspected!

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

Wheel alignment is a service that adjusts the angles of wheels to the car manufacturer’s specifications, making them perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other. As you drive on Hendersonville roads, your wheels will shift out of alignment over time as you go over rough surfaces, potholes, speed bumps, and other obstructions. Having your wheels realigned ensures that your tire tread will wear evenly, lengthening their lifespan and providing you better traction on the road. On average, it’s recommended that you have your wheels aligned every three years, but you can have the service performed sooner if you notice uneven tread wear or experience vehicle pulling.

What is Wheel Balancing Service?

Wheel balancing is a service that balances the weight of each tire and wheel assembly so that it travels evenly at high speeds. Each time, a wheel is mounted on a vehicle, it has to be balanced. Wheel balancing evens out heavy and light spots in a wheel so that it rotates smoothly. If a wheel is not balanced, it can cause the steering wheel to shake or vibrate, leaving you feeling a little rattled after your daily commute. Having your wheels balanced regularly ensures that your Hyundai drives smoothly on the road and extends the life of your tire since the wear will be evenly distributed. One easy way to remember wheel alignment vs. balancing is the frequency of these services. It’s recommended that you have your wheels balanced every 5,000 to 6,000 miles or every six months. Usually, your wheels should get balanced when your car needs an oil change.

Wheel Alignment vs. Balancing: Which Do You Need?

Now that you have a better idea of wheel balancing vs. wheel alignment, you should know which service your vehicle needs. If you’re still unsure but suspect your tires need a wheel alignment or balancing services, schedule a service appointment with our team. Our certified technicians will inspect your tires and wheels to determine the problem and get you the services you need for a smooth ride in Black Mountain.

Wheel Balancing vs. Wheel Alignment: Cost

How much does a wheel balancing cost? Typically wheel balancing costs between $40 – $75. This will depend on your location, vehicle, and the service costs of your chosen mechanic. What about the price for a wheel alignment service? Usually, wheel alignment costs between $65 – $100. Similar to wheel balancing, your vehicle, location, and service center will affect the overall price, as well as how many tires you need aligned. If you’re having all four tires aligned, it may cost double the above figure. If you need both wheel alignment and wheel balancing services, you can save some money with the Hyundai of Asheville service specials! Our specials help you get the services you need at driver-friendly prices.

Get Wheel Service at Hyundai of Asheville

Get all the Hyundai services you need at our Asheville service department! Our Hyundai certified technicians will inspect your vehicle and recommend any tire services you need, and we can perform any engine, battery, or brake services that are recommended by your Hyundai maintenance schedule. You can also read about how to get rid of car mold with our helpful service tips! Contact us today, we look forward to helping you keep your Hyundai running smoothly mile after mile!

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