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Hyundai of Asheville Tire Center

Your Hyundai tires are your connection to Asheville roads, and making sure they’re safe to drive is our top priority at Hyundai of Asheville. Whether you need a new set of Hyundai sedan or SUV tires, our team is here to help you find the right type of OEM tires for your vehicle and get them to you at a driver-friendly price. Learn more about how to maintain your tires below and whether you should repair or replace your tires with our service team.

How to Maintain Your Tires

Proper Hyundai tire care will help you stay safe and increase your tire’s lifetime on Black Mountain roads. You can keep your OEM tires healthy for longer with these tips:

  • Check your tire tread depth monthly: This can be done with a tire tread meter or a penny. If you have less than 2/32” of tire tread (or you can see all of Lincoln’s head on a penny) then it’s time to replace your tires.
  • Rotate your tires in accordance with your vehicle’s maintenance schedule: Rotating your OEM tires prevents uneven wear which improves your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy, traction, and lifetime. Typically tires need to be rotated every 6,000 – 8,000 miles, but that number may change depending on your drivetrain: AWD, 4WD, FWD, RWD.

Should I Repair or Replace My Tires?

Knowing when to repair or replace your Hyundai tires is an important safety and financial decision. You can always consult with your local Hendersonville Hyundai tire center if you have questions about your tire care, but you can also read our tips below:

When To Repair:

  • If you have a fresh puncture that’s in the tread area and less than 1/4-inches in diameter.
  • If there are two punctures that are more than 16-inches apart, you can most likely have them repaired.
  • Your tires have dry rot but it’s in its early stages.

When To Replace:

  • You have a puncture in the sidewall or shoulder of the tire.
  • You have large puncture holes.
  • You have multiple, close-together puncture holes.
  • Your tire has sustained serious damage in a crash such as lacerations or tread separation.
  • You have less than 2/32-inches of tire tread.
  • You have extensive dry rot on your tire.

Find Tires for Sale at Hyundai of Asheville

The Hyundai Tire center at Hyundai of Asheville is here for you. Explore our inventory of Hyundai tires to find the right pair for your Hyundai sedan or SUV, then schedule a service appointment to have them installed on your car! If you have any questions about our tires for sale, contact our team and we’ll get you the information you need! Soon you’ll be back on Weaverville roads with a new set of tires!