What is Hyundai Snow Mode?

Snow Tire


The winters of Black Mountain and Hendersonville can be tough on a car, but Hyundai Snow Mode helps to keep your cold-weather travels under control. So, what is Hyundai Snow Mode? It’s a driving mode designed to optimize your handling on icy and snowy roads. This not only elevates your performance, but also keeps you safer. Find out how Hyundai Snow Mode works with Hyundai of Asheville, and get more service tips with our team at Hyundai of Asheville.

How Hyundai Snow Mode Works

Snow Mode was designed to excel in even the toughest winter conditions. As you navigate icy roads and snowy trails, your Hyundai will automatically make adjustments to improve your handling. This means the power from the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and braking system will work in harmony to optimize your traction. See how it works in detail below:

  • The rotation of your wheels is assessed every 0.02 seconds.
  • Torque is sent to the front wheels and rear wheels individually.
  • If a single wheel slips, the torque is re-routed to the other three wheels immediately.
  • This redistributed power shifts the vehicle away from the hazard with ease.

Other Hyundai Drive Modes Explained

Even when the snow isn’t falling, the Hyundai Drive Modes will prepare you for any season of driving. From track-ready N-Mode to easygoing Comfort Mode, take a closer look at the Hyundai Drive Modes below:

  • Normal/Comfort: Normal and Comfort modes are used interchangeably on different models. This means your car is prepared for city driving, and it adjusts handling and acceleration accordingly.
  • Sport: This setting delays your gear changes in order to boost your horsepower and acceleration. Your steering also gains greater precision for better control on the Weaverville.
  • Eco: Want to boost your fuel economy? Eco Mode modifies your acceleration and gearshift points, even decreasing your air conditioning usage to improve gas mileage.
  • Smart: This setting places your car in Normal Mode in regular conditions, switching into Sport Mode when you need speed in an instant– like passing on the highway.
  • N-Mode: Designed for high-performance models, this setting refines your throttle and steering. Plus, you can customize everything from engine to suspension and even the sound of your exhaust!

Explore Hyundai Performance at Hyundai of Asheville

Want to learn more about the Hyundai Drive Modes? Experience them in person at our showroom in Hyundai of Asheville. Our team can get you behind the wheel of a brand new Hyundai at your convenience, so contact us to learn more!


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