Learn About Hyundai EVsin Asheville, NC

Envision a future where the familiar hum of a gas engine is replaced by the quiet whir of an electric motor and your car’s exhaust pipe is just an automotive relic. With a Hyundai electric vehicle from our Asheville Hyundai dealership, this future becomes your present-day reality. Hyundai EVs offer an eco-friendly, powerful and smooth driving experience devoid of frequent gas station visits. Simply charge up and enjoy the open road.

Hyundai of Asheville is eager to demystify the transition to electric vehicles for our community. Our informed Hyundai sales team is prepared to address every question you may have about owning a Hyundai EV, ensuring you select the perfect Hyundai Kona Electric or the stylish IONIQ 5 for your daily drives around North Carolina. Keep reading to gain clarity or swing by our local Hyundai dealership for personal guidance!

Frontal shot of hybrid electric car charging at station
Man using laptop smiling at desk