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    Fuel Efficient Vehicles

    If you’ve looked at the pump recently, you’re probably not liking what you’re seeing. If you see the MPG readings on your car’s dash and want to make a change, there’s a world of fuel efficient vehicles just waiting for you to explore. From functional hybrids to tricked-out electric vehicles, there’s something in there for everyone who wants to bring home a vehicle that will keep them away from Black Mountain gas pumps. And when it comes to financing that perfect vehicle, you can count on the Hyundai of Asheville team to guide you through that process too.

    Types of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

    There are several categories of vehicles that are more fuel efficient than your average gas engine car. For one, there’s a hybrid vehicle, which doesn’t change the way you interact with the pump other than going there less. This is because the electric motor just enhances the power of the gas engine, improving fuel efficiency.

    There’s also the plug-in hybrid vehicle, which is like a halfway point between a regular hybrid and a full EV. This vehicle has a plug that you can put in the wall or at the charging station, but it’s only for a limited number of fully electric miles. After you are done with your electric range, you go back to fuel efficiency-enhanced gasoline driving.

    An electric vehicle (EV) takes gasoline out of the equation entirely. You’re going through Hendersonville and you have to charge at home or use the local charging station to get range. Thankfully, with the rapidly expanding network of charging stations, it’ll only get easier from here to fit an EV into your life.

    Have a Chat with the Hyundai of Asheville Team

    Now that you know the rules of fuel efficient vehicles, we think you should talk with someone from our team regarding your automotive needs. Our sales staff is ready to help you through the process of buying that next car, including our stellar car buying tips to make you more informed. Contact us today with any questions you may have.

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